Salt Lake wedding photographer | Kasside & Mike

We did indeed have a fantastic day. Kassidy and Mike started out with a breakfast at the Lion House . they aren’t completely traditional, which I like. They had caramel apples instead of a wedding cake. Sounds good to me. The bride and groom apples…to die for. Later that afternoon they were married in the salt lake temple, it was a gorgeous day! You should probably also check out their bridals in the beautiful mountains, they’re pretty stunning. Oh, and their engagements too.:)

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utah wedding photographer | Snowbird

Serioulsy. such a perfect day. Snowbird is such a great venue for outdoor mountain weddings! Mindi & Gene had a beautiful wedding day. I shot with the amazing Jenner Brown, from Lumineux Films, he’s amazing! Here’s a re-cap in pictures….:)

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family photographer | midway utah

Feels like yesterday I photographed the wedding of these two! And now they have a mini. Who is, by the way,completely adorable. We did their photo shoot in the oh so beautiful Midway, Utah. It’s one of my favorite spots. These are just a few that I super loved…

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Michelle - Love them as always!!!!September 22, 2014 – 3:02 pm

Utah family photographer | mountain love

love this darling family. Little Oden and Georgie just capture your heart. I’ve known their family for quite a few years, and now they’re moving to Texas. They will be missed terribly by all who know them!

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utah photographer.

red butte gardens | utah wedding photographer

Had the best time at Savannah and Aldo’s wedding! It was such a beautiful day and ceremony. They were married outside at Red Butte Gardens. I so love that venue, it’s just breathtaking for weddings! Savannah lost her Dad not long ago so they did a beautiful tribute/video of him during her daddy daughter dance. It was such a tender part of their wedding, I loved it so much. congrats to you two!

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