utah wedding photographer | wadley farms

this is paige and rusty. they are adorable and super in love. i’m totally enamored by her pink wedding dress, it was so beautiful! we had a blast photographing their formal shots at wadley farms in lindon, spring was in the air, and on the trees.:)so excited for their wedding next week!

wadley farms wedding photographer_0001wadley farms wedding photographer_0002wadley farms wedding photographer_0003wadley farms wedding photographer_0004wadley farms wedding photographer_0005wadley farms wedding photographer_0006wadley farms wedding photographer_0007wadley farms wedding photographer_0008wadley farms wedding photographer_0009wadley farms wedding photographer_0010wadley farms wedding photographer_0011wadley farms wedding photographer_0012wadley farms wedding photographer_0013wadley farms wedding photographer_0014wadley farms wedding photographer_0015wadley farms wedding photographer_0016wadley farms wedding photographer_0017wadley farms wedding photographer_0018wadley farms wedding photographer_0019wadley farms wedding photographer_0020wadley farms wedding photographer_0021wadley farms wedding photographer_0022wadley farms wedding photographer_0023wadley farms wedding photographer_0024wadley farms wedding photographer_0025wadley farms wedding photographer_0026wadley farms wedding photographer_0027wadley farms wedding photographer_0028wadley farms wedding photographer_0029wadley farms wedding photographer_0030wadley farms wedding photographer_0031wadley farms wedding photographer_0032wadley farms wedding photographer_0033wadley farms wedding photographer_0034wadley farms wedding photographer_0035wadley farms wedding photographer_0036wadley farms wedding photographer_0037

utah photographer | newborn liam

love love love these little babies coming to earth.  they are just too precious.  liam is no exception.  we had a great time photographing his sweet family.  little ellenor was completely enamored with her new baby brother.  she was so sweet and gentle with him, so cute. xoutah child photographer_0018utah child photographer_0019utah child photographer_0020utah child photographer_0021utah child photographer_0022utah child photographer_0023utah child photographer_0024

Wendy T - Love the pics! Jen you are awesome.April 8, 2014 – 1:42 pm

wedding photographer | park city utah

the mountains.  the snow.  the sunshine.  it was perfect.  i’m a sucker for the mountains in utah and weddings.  can you blame me?  :)  there isn’t a more beautifully diverse state than utah.  the options are quite limitless.  except for the ocean.  :)  we did their formals in the canyon right before their wedding.  you can see their cute engagement photos here. enjoy! utah wedding photographer_0001utah wedding photographer_0002utah wedding photographer_0003utah wedding photographer_0004utah wedding photographer_0007utah wedding photographer_0008utah wedding photographer_0009utah wedding photographer_0010utah wedding photographer_0011utah wedding photographer_0012utah wedding photographer_0013utah wedding photographer_0014utah wedding photographer_0015utah wedding photographer_0016utah wedding photographer_0017utah wedding photographer_0018utah wedding photographer_0019utah wedding photographer_0020utah wedding photographer_0021

gallivan center wedding | salt lake city wedding photographer

meet laura and trevor.  they love each other.  like, really.  they’re so cute together.  they both love culture, and diversity, and all that good stuff.  they were married this month in the salt lake lds temple, then we happily walked over to the gallivan center in the heart of salt lake city for their reception.  the gallivan center is an awesome venue, i fell in love with all of the window light and clean lines.  it really was perfect, and suited their modern, classic style.  enjoy just a few of my favorite images from the day!  deer valley wedding photographer_0027deer valley wedding photographer_0028deer valley wedding photographer_0029deer valley wedding photographer_0030deer valley wedding photographer_0031deer valley wedding photographer_0032deer valley wedding photographer_0033deer valley wedding photographer_0034deer valley wedding photographer_0035deer valley wedding photographer_0036deer valley wedding photographer_0037deer valley wedding photographer_0038deer valley wedding photographer_0039deer valley wedding photographer_0040deer valley wedding photographer_0041deer valley wedding photographer_0042deer valley wedding photographer_0043deer valley wedding photographer_0044deer valley wedding photographer_0045deer valley wedding photographer_0046deer valley wedding photographer_0047deer valley wedding photographer_0048deer valley wedding photographer_0049deer valley wedding photographer_0050deer valley wedding photographer_0051deer valley wedding photographer_0052deer valley wedding photographer_0053deer valley wedding photographer_0054deer valley wedding photographer_0055deer valley wedding photographer_0056deer valley wedding photographer_0057deer valley wedding photographer_0058deer valley wedding photographer_0059deer valley wedding photographer_0060deer valley wedding photographer_0061deer valley wedding photographer_0062deer valley wedding photographer_0063

utah wedding photographer | engagements

loved shooting with these two.  i photographed their engagements at the adorable gardner village.  it was seriously freezing cold that day.  they were such good sports.  super excited for their wedding at the salt lake lds temple, and reception at the hardware building in downtown salt lake!

wedding photographer_0001wedding photographer_0002wedding photographer_0003wedding photographer_0004wedding photographer_0005wedding photographer_0007wedding photographer_0008wedding photographer_0009wedding photographer_0010wedding photographer_0011wedding photographer_0012wedding photographer_0013wedding photographer_0014wedding photographer_0015wedding photographer_0016

salt lake wedding photographer | Corinne’s bridals

corinne, she is just a natural in front of the camera.  loved photographing her bridal photos in salt lake.  it was a perfect day.  full of chili air and wind.:) she was stellar and didn’t complain once.  so excited for her wedding this summer!!deer valley wedding photographer_0010deer valley wedding photographer_0011deer valley wedding photographer_0012deer valley wedding photographer_0013deer valley wedding photographer_0014deer valley wedding photographer_0015deer valley wedding photographer_0016deer valley wedding photographer_0017deer valley wedding photographer_0018deer valley wedding photographer_0019deer valley wedding photographer_0020deer valley wedding photographer_0021deer valley wedding photographer_0022deer valley wedding photographer_0023deer valley wedding photographer_0024deer valley wedding photographer_0025deer valley wedding photographer_0026|

utah wedding photographer | cinda & devron

i adore this girl.  that’s even kind of an understatement.  love her like a sister.  we have known each other since we were 13.  she wore shorts every day of the year, even in snow.  she is hilarious and kind and generous and selfless.  i couldn’t be happier that she found a man as amazing as her to marry.  love you Cinda Lou!

wedding photographer_0017wedding photographer_0018wedding photographer_0019wedding photographer_0020wedding photographer_0021wedding photographer_0022wedding photographer_0023wedding photographer_0024wedding photographer_0025wedding photographer_0026wedding photographer_0027wedding photographer_0028wedding photographer_0029wedding photographer_0030wedding photographer_0031wedding photographer_0032wedding photographer_0033wedding photographer_0034

utah wedding photographer | engagements

aimee and kyle met golfing….they are too cute together.  we had a blast shooting their engagement in park city.  they’re being married at the eldrigde manor in  the eldrigde manor in bountiful this june.  so excited for you guys!


deer valley wedding photographer_0001deer valley wedding photographer_0002deer valley wedding photographer_0003deer valley wedding photographer_0004deer valley wedding photographer_0005deer valley wedding photographer_0006deer valley wedding photographer_0007deer valley wedding photographer_0008deer valley wedding photographer_0009

Aimee Averett - I LOVE THEM!!! Thank you so much!!!April 15, 2014 – 1:00 pm

utah senior photographer | in the mountains

kirsten.  she is the cutest.  we had the funnest time.  we traipsed through thy deep (kid you not) snow to get these images.  it was hilarious.  the mountains were just gorgeous with the snow covered pine trees and sun.  this girl is brill.  practically runs her school.:) being a senior is so exciting.  i remember that…:)

if you’re a senior and need photos, it’s NOT too late!  contact me asap and we can get you on my calendar!  if you don’t need a full session, i do offer mini sessions for seniors only.:)

utah senior photographer_0001utah senior photographer_0002utah senior photographer_0003utah senior photographer_0004utah senior photographer_0005utah senior photographer_0006utah senior photographer_0007utah senior photographer_0008utah senior photographer_0009utah senior photographer_0010

Kirsten Moffat - I love these so much! Thank you for doing them!March 15, 2014 – 8:04 pm

utah wedding photographer | joseph smith memorial building

these two lovlies were married in the salt lake temple and had a gorgeous reception at the wasatch room in the joseph smith memorial building.  totally a gorgeous room for a luncheon or reception.  just a few from their wedding day….


park city wedding photographer_0001park city wedding photographer_0002park city wedding photographer_0003park city wedding photographer_0004park city wedding photographer_0005park city wedding photographer_0006park city wedding photographer_0007park city wedding photographer_0008park city wedding photographer_0009park city wedding photographer_0010park city wedding photographer_0011park city wedding photographer_0012park city wedding photographer_0013park city wedding photographer_0014park city wedding photographer_0015park city wedding photographer_0016park city wedding photographer_0017park city wedding photographer_0018park city wedding photographer_0019park city wedding photographer_0020park city wedding photographer_0021to see more  utah wedding photographer, check out my website.

Shauna Ploeger - Lovely work as always!March 5, 2014 – 5:26 pm

Elizabeth Adamson - Wonderful wedding day for Justin and Maddie, wonderful photographer, beautiful pictures. Very professional, made the photo session fun and enjoyable, handled our large crew with ease. Thank you Fauset photography. Highly recommended!March 5, 2014 – 7:08 pm

utah commercial photographer | dylbug

i have had the opportunity to work with the magnificent leslie from dylbug , she creates the cutest personalized plates, bowls, placemats (that kids can draw on with dry erase markers), puzzles, lunch boxes (with chalk on the inside so you can write little notes to your littles), and journals.  my kids are IN LOVE with their products.  even my older kids think they’re the best ever.  make sure to check out dylbug.com and check them out.  they’re offering FREE SHIPPING right now!  Or you can check them out on psiadoreyou.com where their puzzles are on sale!

utah commercial photographer_0001utah commercial photographer_0002utah commercial photographer_0003utah commercial photographer_0004utah commercial photographer_0005utah commercial photographer_0006utah commercial photographer_0007utah commercial photographer_0008utah commercial photographer_0009utah commercial photographer_0010utah commercial photographer_0011utah commercial photographer_0012

utah newborn photographer | baby jax

absolutely love this family.  they are just fantastic.  i met mama lisa when we first moved to utah.  she was our realtor.  i met her when she was pregnant with her first son, so i was able to do her maternity photography, then newborn photos….and then again for each child.  so honored!!  loved this little newborn jax.  he was so so good!

park city utah photographer_0040park city utah photographer_0041park city utah photographer_0042park city utah photographer_0043park city utah photographer_0044park city utah photographer_0045park city utah photographer_0046park city utah photographer_0047park city utah photographer_0048park city utah photographer_0049park city utah photographer_0050park city utah photographer_0051park city utah photographer_0052park city utah photographer_0053park city utah photographer_0054park city utah photographer_0055utah

utah wedding photographer | park city

today, i am wishing it were green outside.  wishing i was outside in the warm sun.  can’t wait for all of my beautiful weddings this year!

utah wedding photographer_0075utah wedding photographer_0076utah wedding photographer_0077utah wedding photographer_0079utah wedding photographer_0080utah wedding photographer_0081utah wedding photographer_0082utah wedding photographer_0083utah wedding photographer_0085utah wedding photographer_0086utah wedding photographer_0087utah wedding photographer_0088utah wedding photographer_0090utah wedding photographer_0091utah wedding photographer_0092utah wedding photographer_0093

if you’re looking for a spectacular wedding venue, st regis is beyond gorgeous.

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