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I so love this sweet family.  we had a fantastic time trying to get their youngest to crack a smile.  He’s far too adorable.  They have the sweetest most well mannered children.  Seriously.  And so dang cute!  park city utah photographer_0001park city utah photographer_0002park city utah photographer_0003park city utah photographer_0004park city utah photographer_0005park city utah photographer_0006park city utah photographer_0007park city utah photographer_0008park city utah photographer_0009park city utah photographer_0010park city utah photographer_0011park city utah photographer_0012park city utah photographer_0013park city utah photographer_0014park city utah photographer_0015park city utah photographer_0016park city utah photographer_0017park city utah photographer_0018park city utah photographer_0019park city utah photographer_0020park city utah photographer_0021park city utah photographer_0022park city utah photographer_0023

utah photographer | the garrisons

These twins.  I mean seriously.  Heart melting.  They are just adorable.  I photographed their family about a year ago at their Salt Lake home and they have changed so much!!  If you’re still hoping to schedule a family photo shoot before it gets freezing cold, I do still have a few spots left! Email me asap.:)

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Utah wedding photographer | Brach & Shelby

LOVE these two. Yes, another wedding where I’m so sad it’s over! I love being able to clients so often! Shelby and Brach were married in the salt lake temple with a back yard wedding reception in kaysville. It was so lovely. They were able to rent those amazing tables and chairs from diamond rental. very cool. Loved their wedding so much!

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